All the wines we currently have on offer are listed below. We prefer to produce dry wines with zesty acidity and a fresh character typical of wines of the Middle Rhine Valley


Here some information about the German Quality System:

Which quality level is mentioned on a wine bottle label depends on the amount of sugar in the grapes at harvest time (the must weight). Furthermore, the grapes have to come from just one location, and 85% of them must be of one variety. The quality level says nothing about the taste of the wine.


1. Level: Qualitätswein

2. Level: Kabinett

3. Level: Spätlese

4. Level: Auslese

5. Level: Beerenauslese

6. Level: Trockenbeerenauslese

7. Level: Eiswein (for which the grapes also have to be frozen when harvested)


All our wines contain sulfites.

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Kauer Riesling & TORNADO


Our Kauer Riesling and Spätburgunder Weißherbst TORNADO exemplify our philosophy of quality. The Riesling grapes come mainly from Beulsberg in Urbar. It is an uncomplicated fine fruity dry Riesling and is available most years in Kabinett quality. With a maximum of 12% alcohol, it is capable of providing much enjoyment.

Our TORNADO, a product of one of nature’s bad moods, is a Spätburgunder from the Weinhelle lightly pressed after only brief skin contact. The real tornado that raged through Oberwesel on 27 July 2005 almost completely devastated the harvest. The few surviving Spätburgunder grapes were only suitable for producing a Weißherbst – a red wine was out of the question. Defiantly we called that meagre remainder wine TORNADO 27/07. Unexpectedly, it was so well received that we have made a TORNADO every year since then – but now using fully ripe, healthy grapes.

NO. Description Flavour


Pinot Noir - rose


2018 Kauer Riesling



2017 Kauer Riesling



Riesling Kabinett


We particularly like producing light Riesling Kabinett wines in the dry and medium dry categories. They are the perfect companions to lively conversation at evening time; animating wines that make you cheerful rather than tired. As a rule, we aim for an alcohol content between 10.5% and 11.5%.

NO. Description Flavour

2018 Kloster Fürstental        dry

Riesling Kabinett


2018 Wolfshöhle                      dry

Riesling Kabinett


2018 Oelsberg                      dry

Riesling Kabinett







2018 Kloster Fürstental          medium-dry

Riesling Kabinett


2018 Fürstenberg                    fruity

Riesling Kabinett




Riesling Spätlese


The true “terroir-ists” among the Rieslings are the dry late harvest wines made from largely healthy grapes with a maximum of 13% vol. alcohol. These wines reflect their origins particularly impressively and are the right partners for almost any menu. They are harvested towards the end of autumn, much later than the Kabinett wines. This is particularly conducive to the development of the aroma. In addition to the dry variations, we also make medium dry and fruity-sweet late harvest wines. We recommend these to accompany Asian food especially, and everything that is spicy and fruity.

NO. Description Flavour

2018 Kloster Fürstental                      dry

Riesling Spätlese - Old Vines -


2018 Oelsberg                      dry

Riesling Spätlese - old vines -


2017 Oelsberg           dry

Riesling Spätlese - old vines -


2018 Oelsberg                      medium-dry

Riesling Spätlese


2017 Oelsberg                      medium-dry

Riesling Spätlese


2018 Fürstenberg                     fruity

Riesling Spätlese


2017 Fürstenberg                     fruity

Riesling Spätlese


Riesling Auslese & Beerenauslese


If the year and the autumn weather play along, then we are happy to take the time to hand-select the dried noble-rot Riesling berries to make noble-sweet Auslese or Beerenauslese wines. We regard these as wonderful gifts of nature, unbeatable as dessert wines and capable of being stored for extremely long periods.

NO. Description Flavour

2018 Fürstenberg

Riesling Auslese


2017 Kloster Fürstental

Riesling Auslese

Sparkling Wines


The Middle Rhine location and the Riesling grape variety are always guarantors of sparkling wines that are vivacious, especially fine-beaded and delicately aromatic. For almost 30 years we have been fostering the classical bottle fermentation process. We consider it important for sparkling wine to be stored on the yeast for a long period of time, which is why only small batches are shaken and disgorged after one year at the earliest. You can find out the duration of the yeast storage for the current batch from our current list.

NO. Description Flavour

2014 Riesling brut

(43 month on yeast)

Spätburgunder Red Wine


Now and then we also make a batch of red wine from our small Spätburgunder vineyard. Here too, our aspiration is to tease out the characteristics of this grape variety, irrespective of fashionable trends. Our Spätburgunder wines are stored for at least one year not in barrique, but in a traditional 600-litre oak cask, and more than 13% vol. alcohol is really not necessary. In terms of taste, ours is more a “light summer red wine”.

NO. Description Flavour

2015 Spätburgunder dry

Pinot Noir Red Wine


(Alc.: 12,5 % * Acid: 4,9 g/l * Sugar: 0,3 g/l)

One year cask aged 

in traditional barrel made of Hunsrück Oak

High Spirits



Using the year’s best pomace or marc, we have our Bacharach colleague and friend Rolf Heidrich distil a fine marc of Riesling (Trester) which we store in our cellar for at least one year or more in a new wooden cask made of Hunsrück oak. As a result, it develops a golden yellow tinge and a fine soft taste.

Martina also prepares a liqueur-like “Trester with herbs and honey”, which can easily lead to compulsive drinking.

NO. Description Flavour

Trester vom Riesling
Marc of Riesling

distilled out of our best rapes

matured in a new barrel made of Hunsrück Oak

(42 % vol. Alc.)


Trester vom Riesling mit Kräutern und Honig

Marc of Riesling with herbs and honey

(42 % vol. Alc.)

Treasure Chamber


We pay particular attention to the storability of our wines, and we keep smaller or larger batches from all our vintages in our Treasure Chamber. Although the current “obsession with youthfulness” forces us to offer the new vintage as early as May, we are convinced that an appropriate maturing time heightens the Riesling experience. At our wine presentations, therefore, you can often also taste wines of older vintages (10-year bottle age).